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  CloseComfort Thermoelectric Controlled Temperature Car Seat Cover


Leather-like Tan


Heat Pump

AC Transformer +Pump

Cool/Warm Automatic Temperature  Control:
Even in air-conditioned car or indoors you could feel uncomfortable in your bottom and back. This device takes away the excess body with cool or warm water circulating between you and seats. This innovative product makes use of circulating water and thermoelectric cooling and warming module, a heat pump, for car, office and home. This pump controls the heat level between person and seat, or bed, making it comfortable with low energy use. With soft-vinyl grid and not hard tubes, the pad is something you can forget about.
Air conditioners and heaters consume a lot of energy resources and contribute to greenhouse effect.  With comfortable seats and bed, CloseComfort enables very comfortable contact. The product is environment friendly and CO2 neutral. No byproducts, or steam, or smell.
Car customizers could attach the soft pad inside a seat.
12 months factory warranty.


  • Very soft cushion feel. No hard tubes. Very flexible. See image on lower left.
  • Fits comfortablly between you and the seat or bed.
  • Intelligent &variable cool/warm temperature controller, LED display.
  • Automatic temperature adjustment
  • 4 temperature settings-2 warm, 91F, 88F, and 2 cool, 68F and 77F, 2F variation
    ( 20C, 25C, 31C , 35C)
  • Low power consumption-DC12-13.8 V 30-60W power consumption
  • Optional AC 110V or 220V converter unit available
  • Secure: IC controller, auto shut-off, if overloaded
  • Small footprint: master controller-heat pump= 8x 4x 5.5
  • Pads: Bottom: 18 x 16, Back: 18 x 20
  • Pad cover is polyester fabric, or leather-like vinyl. The finish may vary as availability.  Ventilated and soft for comfort.

Items Included:

  • Combination seat and back "CloseComfort" pad with straps
  • Patented inside grid of circulating water embeded in cushion
  • Necessary tubes joining the cushions with the heat pump
  • Heat pump module with temperature controller.
  • Plug imput for lighter socket
  • Instruction manual and warranty paper
  • Customer will add pure water to the pump as directed in the manual.
    Fill about 1/2 inch below the bottle's neck.
  • Add anti-freeze if ambient temperature falls below freezing, much like your car's radiator.

Use in Car, Office, Sofa Chairs, or Bed
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