4Sure Clear Glaze
Renowned Brand in Ultrasonic Cleaners and Fibers
High Density 12x12" Microfiber Suede Napkin and
No-soap Streak-free 8oz, Super-Cleaner
in 3-1/2" Wide Jar

No-soap No-streak Cleaning Safe for Jewelry, Gems and Pearls with Microfiber-Suede Napkin:

  • Wide 3-1/2" wide jar of cleaner.Very convenient to use.
  • Ammonia and alcohol free cleaner
  • Non-toxic, safe for skin and kitchen
  • Not a soap and does not leave residues. Surface remains clean.
  • 220 grams/M2 heavy and comfortable
  • Super-size: 12x12" suede napkin that feels and works like real lamb skin.
  • Lint-free, scratch-free, streak-free cleaning
  • Microfiber is super soft!!
  • Super absorbent. Can pick 7 times its weight
  • Off-white color
  • Dip jewelry in for a few minutes, lightly brush and rise for a great shine.
  • Excellent gift item

    The package includes:
  • 1 off-white Micro Fiber Suede napkin, appx. 10x10" Double-stitched edges
  • 1 of 8 oz. cup bottle.

Many Likely Uses:

  • Computer monitors and TVs Guaranteed safe,
    No alcohol or harsh chemicals.
  • Car displays, windshield inside
  • Jewelry and other bright
    finished items
  • Facial and wash cloth: Remove dead skin softly.
  • Eyeglass and lens cleaning
  • Mirrors, lighting fixtures
  • Safe on most plastics

Caution: Cleaner is NOT for skin cleaning or bath.


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