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High Density Microfiber Terry Napkins

  • 300 grams/M2 heavy and comfortable
  • Each napkin weighs about 46 grams
  • Lint-free, scratch-free cleaning
  • Microfiber is supersoft!!
  • Super absorbent. Can pick 7 times its weight
  • Light blue and off-white camel colors available
  • 16 x 14 " size convenient for most uses for cleaning
    Computer monitors and TVs
    Car displays, windshield inside
    Jewelry and other bright finished items
    Facial: Remove dead skin softly.
    Eyeglass and lens
    Mirros, lighting fixtures, furniture
    Most plastics

  • Packed in colorful wrap with useful informaiton.
  • Excellent gift item
  • Excellent replacemnt for cotton terry napkins

    Wholesale inquiries welcome.
MF-Terry List: $5.00 Sale $2.50
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