4Sure Clear Glaze
Renowned Brand in Ultrasonic Cleaners and Fibers
High Density 3x3" Anti-Tarnish Silver Polishing Cloth
No-soap Streak-free 7oz, Jewelry Spray

No-soap No-streak Cleaning Safe for Gold and Silver Jewelry, Gems and Pearls :

  • 7 oz= 200mil jewelry cleaner in spray bottle. Very convenient to use.
  • Ammonia and alcohol free cleaner
  • Non-toxic, safe for skin and kitchen
  • Not a soap and does not leave residues
  • The anti-tarnish silver and gold polishing cloth is 100% cotton. You may keep using it hundreds of times and is effective even when it is all black from tarnish.
  • Safe to handle for your skin and your jewelry.
  • Do not rub on gem stones (except diamond), and pearls, jade etc.
  • Excellent gift item

    The package includes:
  • 1 off-white 100% polishing cloth, appx. 3x3"
  • 1 of 7 oz. spray bottle with special jewelry cleaning solution.

Tarnish or blackish stain- on your sterling silver jewelry - is actually a product of oxidation. So when your jewelry is exposed to elements in the atmosphere like oxygen or even sulphur (normal in pollution), it will tarnish your jewelry.

Clean and dry with cotton napkin after the jewelry is cleaned.



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