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Profession High Capacity Precious Metal and Lab Scale Balance GX6200g/.1g

Special features of GX6200 Lab and Metal Scale:

* Capacity: 6200 grams.
* Resolution: 0.1g.
* Large LCD display with light blue back-light.
* Works on 110V or 220V adapter, included. Balance with 220V, European plug requirement will be shipped directly from our factory.
*Rechargeable 6V-1.3Ah battery included. Low voltage warning.
* Large stainless steel pan, 6-x 6"
* Fast weighing
* Automatic overload display
* Auto calibration. 5000g calibration weight NOT included. We do calibrate before shipping. Recalibration may be required.
* Modes: g, ct, oz (
Not Troy Ounce), dwt
* Low profile
* Bubble with 4 leveling knobs
* Easy set up and calibrationt
* One year manufacturer's warranty
* Simple, clean design
* Quality, dependable, reliable.

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