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BeautiTron BT-88 Non-Surgical Skincare Device

BeautiTron BT-88 Non-Surgical Skincare Device-Best of All!

  • Incredible skincare with NEW BT-88
  • This non-surgical treatment device stimulates muscles and skin with micro-electric current to smooth-out wrinkles. The skin gets conditioned after some continuous use.
  • Ion Functions use the voltage theory and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technique. Use of positive ion removes dirt, oil and other impurities on face and body. Use of negative ions enables the water-soluble skincare nutritions to penetrate deep inside the skin.
  • The device temperature is set between 32C-46C to be controlled by the user. The warm effect activates the body muscles and skin cells to to enhance treatment effects.
  • 3-level vibating mode lets user find most personal level. By massging the body's lymph system and facial skin with probes, the lymph glands are activated and metabolism is improved. Five probes are included with the device.
    1. Straight Rod
    2. Wheel Stick
    3. Ball Stick
    4. V-shaped Ball Stick
    5. Curved Hook
  • Easy to read and accurate moisture tests show before and after treatment skin conditions.
  • With practical and user friendly treatment programs, user can quickly develop customized parameters and select a built-in programs that work most effectively for oneself.
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Caution: Most devices like this must be used with care and respect. It is especially suited for skin and muscle conditioning. Do not use on soft-tissue areas, such as eyes, ears and genitals, etc. Not recommended for medical treatment except under sound medical advice. This device is particularly best suited for professionals and under professional supervision. It is best to get professional help before ordering or using it. Improper use could result in injury.

A video of how to use ths device is available for DOWNLOAD Click on link.
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