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750 mil Multi-Purpose Ultrasonic Cleaner GX6201A

About Ultrasonic Cleaning:
Ultrasonic is sound generated above human audible level. In real life, high pitch sound is created by high frequency, and alternatively, the low and base tone is created by low frequency. Frequencies above 16 kHz in general are being considered as ultrasonic. Typical ultrasonic frequencies used for cleaning purpose are from 20 kHz to 80 kHz.

How a sound can clean?
A physical effect called "cavitations" ultrasonic generates in liquid is responsible for the cleaning process. Cavitations are formed when ultrasonic travels through liquid. When a sound wave travels through water, it stretches and compresses the water medium to transmit sound. When the amplitude of such sound wave increases to a level when water cannot hold the stretch, the sound literally tears the water apart, and millions of vacuumed "bubbles" are formed under such negative pressure.
The sizes of vacuumed "bubbles" increase until their equilibrium are reached; the "bubbles" then are rapidly compressed by water and create millions of tiny liquid jets.

The jet actions release tremendous amount of energy stored within vacuumed bubbles; each "bubble" is estimated to have a temperature of more then 5000 degree Celsius and a pressure of more then 10,000 PSI at molecular level when such implosion takes place. The huge amount of pressure releases at each "bubble" provides an ideal physical phenomenon responsible for the effective cleaning action ultrasonic cleaner offers.
Ultrasonic cleans hard to reach cracks and cavities
Cavitation takes place every where liquid can reach; during the cleaning process, the article being cleaned is submerged into water or cleaning solution, millions of micro-sized "bubbles" created by ultrasonic are capable of reaching into fine trends or cracks to clean.

Ultrasonic: environment-friendly cleaning for home
Although ultrasonic has been an effective industries' cleaning solution for decades, environmentally unfriendly, chemical-based cleaning methods are still widely used at home. Soap based cleaners always leave white film on clened surface. The jewelry and glass lack luster and shine. 4sure Group offers several non-toxic, biodegradable concentrats that are safe and very effective. Use these specialized solutions for cleaning jewelry, eyeglasses, windows, floors, electronics, Panel TVs, computers, car, furniture, and more. The liquid does not leave film as it is not soap., is not acidic and mildly alkaline. We believes ultrasonic will be the next generation cleaning solution for home and small businesses.

Many Uses for Sonic Cleaning:
•Diamond, gold and silver jewelry, gems and (Opel and pearls -not to clean)
•Semi-conductors, CDs and DVDs
•Watch bands
•Eyeglass, sunglasses and lens
•Fountain Pen nibs
•Shaving devices
•Medical, surgical and dental devices
•Milk bottles and nipples
•Carburator, valve, printer
Printing plates (small size)
•Most plastic and metal items

One oz=30mil Concentrate

Ultrasonic Frequency 42,000 Hz
Tank Material Stainless Steel SUS304
Tank Capacity 750 ml
Timer 5 working circles, choose time freely
Power Supply AC 220 ~ 240V, 50 / 60 Hz
Power 50 W
Tank Size 15.0 x 13.0 x 5.0 cm ( L x W x H )
Unit Size 21.0 x 17.0 x 14.5 cm ( L x W x H )
N.W. 0.9kgs G.W. 1.2kg

Does not remove silver tarnish.

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GX6201A ultrasonic cleaner
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The package includes:
One Sonic Cleaner GX6201A
1 oz. Concentrate-Make 2 gallons
One 12x12 suede microfiber napkin

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